Aquaria: an indie delight

19 09 2008

Some months ago, browsing through IGN pages in search of a nice pc game to buy, I came across Aquaria, an indie video game released by indipendent games company Bit Blot in December 2007.

The game is a classic 2D sidescrolling and it’s currently available for pc and Mac OSX, even if Bit Blot say they’re looking into a Linux version of the game.

Do you remember those glorious years when innovation and care for the details in video game were the rule? When you could feel passion, literally, on every single pixel shown onto the screen? Well, that’s just the case! Even if the game concept is not exactly new, it’s more than clear that this game has been designed to provide the best user experience and entertainment. The general appeal is that of a well polished product with a simple yet elegant graphics, an intriguing story and a soundtrack worth listening to.

The game is set underwater and the user controls Naija exploring the vastness of the ocean in search of her family. Aquaria is mostly an action adventure with Naija interacting with different creatures dwelling the underwater environment.

In order to fight the enemies and solve puzzles Naija can spell magic through the means of songs which she learns as the game proceed. She can also create dishes which are basically compounds of ingredients she acquires by exploring the world or by defeating

enemies. She must also learn recipes and combine ingredients to obtain a specific useful dish. However the dishes can be randomly created even if this may possibly lead to waste ingredients to useless results.

I must admit Aquaria’s is fun and certainly worth the 30$ cost for one copy of the product.

One interesting thing is that Aquaria comes with an editor and there’s a modding wiki with hints on how to work on the xml and lua scripts.



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