Mail Goggles: prevent you from sending e-mails you will regret

10 10 2008

Suppose you are drunk.

Suppose you’re emotional state is a bit broken.

Suppose you go back home and before collapsing onto the floor you manage, by appealing to your last glimpse of will power, to send an e-mail like this:

“honey, I know I left you but I feel alone without you now, please please let’s get back together”


“my dear boss, I feel like being completely honest to you. You deserve it. You f…ing d..k head!”

then you pass out

the next morning you wake up and the life you used to live doesn’t exist anymore.

Well, a new feature of Gmail can help you preventing this to ever happen.

On October 6th 2008, Jon Perlow, Gmail engineer, posted an article on the Official Gmail Blog describing Mail Goggles, a new Labs feature designed to check that you’re really sure you want to send an e-mail.

By default Mail Goggles is active during weekend late nights but you can adjust it to whatever timeline you think you need. The working principle is quite simple: you write your message and when you hit send Mail Goggles ask you to solve some trivial mathematics which hopefully you won’t be able to solve if you boozed.

If they’d only invented it before…;)



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