Lord British goes zero G!

16 10 2008

Who’s never played one of the several Ultima installments?

Speaking of me, I have wonderful memories of those isometric beauties with those huge world, vast quests and funny cheats. Have you ever met Lord British in Ultima Online? Well, me no, but I know that someone’s even managed to kill him.. ah ah ah

Lord British, ehm, Richard Garriot is one of those figures I am attached to, mainly because they remind me to those days of my youth when role playing games and video games were all my life.

I am happy to hear that he managed, even after a pouring of something of 30M$, to fly to the International Space Station for a fortnight trip out of our world.

Garriot left earth on October 12th 2008, which it happens to be also my 32nd birthday ;), aboard a Soyuz spacecraft and will stay on the ISS until October 23rd.
Lord British is a strong space enthusiast and believer which is strongly committed to the space for human being (or maybe the richest ones..) stuff by investing into private space travel as he’s also vice president of Space Adventures.



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