Sightseeing Italy’s major cities with Google Street View

30 10 2008

On October 29th Google Maps Street View hit three Italian major cities plus the area around Como lake in the northern part of the country.

You can now go and have a stroll down Milan, Rome or Florence streets or the romantic coastline of the Como lake.

Google Maps Street View (together with the other geo apps like Google Earth) is the sightseeing killer application as it gives you the chance to visit places you’ve always dreamt to go but, for a reason or another, never managed to fulfill. As GMSV expand in coverage and quality the world gets shrinking and shrinking. These geographic apps make me think of the rift information technologies creates between what once were (and by most educators still are) the regular education tools and the resources that are available nowadays, easily and free. Just think of Google Earth, we X-Generation guys and girls used to see something like this (much more rudimentary though) in 80′ movies or comics. These systems were usually pictures ad high level military resources. Nowadays we used satellite maps to spot our pic-nic place!

Have I already said that I totally confide in technology (and especially in free open source software and open source hardware) for a better world?



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