Podcast day 2008

26 10 2008

Today in Italy it’s Podcast day. This event is a tribute to the free voices who supply an increasingly vast audience with shows about the most various contents. This is also a way to spread the voice around to people who already listen to podcasts or are just curious about this media and are maybe willing to give it a try.

To participate to this event I’d have been supposed to listen to 5 shows from the directory of Gunp! and post a review for each of them. Due to my fixation with English I don’t usually listen to shows in my mother language apart from basically two shows.

So here’s my tiny chart composed only of 2 shows.


It’s a podcast about technology and this is for me the S show. I recommend it almost to every people I speak with. Carlo, the host, is a fine anchor and a great geek with a lot of expertise in the technology field. I’m always excited when a new installment gets to the feed as this is by far my favourite show ever.


Another technology podcast made by a couple: Andrea and Francesca who broadcast podcast from Nice, France. The show is much more lounge styled than the previous one and rich in music which the hosts carefully select for the listeners among the free music of Jamendo, a community hosting artists who publish their work under creative commons. The atmosphere of Il Nissardo are those of an old tavern facing the beach, one of those places where you can easily get lost in your thougths by sipping a glass of bloody red wine (Italian of course ;)).

So, if you’re an Italian reader or an Italian student willing to exercise your language I strongly recommend the two above mentioned shows!

I hope to be more prepared for next year’s podcast day!

Have fun