The host

You can call me The One Electronic.

I live in the outskirts of Milan, Italy, and I’m totally devoted to the cult of geekyness.

My geeky interests varies from Python programming, to playing to PC and Xbox video games. I’ve recently switched to Linux Ubuntu and I’m falling more and more in love with it. I love reading, watching tv series, listening to free and open music (at,  going to the seaside.

What I’d mostly like to do in the I-hope-very-near-future is moving to the seaside and finding the time to work on my own video game.

Why I write in English? Well, first of all to train myself. I can speak also French and Spanish, other than Italian, but my true love is English. So almost every book I read is in English (i’m quite a strong customer) and I listen to Podcasts in English such as TWIT, Buzz Out Loud, Digital City, Cranky Geeks and No Agenda.

Given that I do not write in my own mother language I ask you to forgive me for all the mistakes and weird expressions I might use.

The fish you can see in the image header comes from the awesome flicrk collection of Ryan Somma of I strongly advise you to have a look at his science devoted blog: it’s just amazing!

By the way, my nickname is also a tribute to the wonderful web-comic artwork Rice Boy by Evan Dahm. Go and check it over guys and gurls, it’s totally awesome!



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24 10 2008

sono Alberto, di InfoBloggando.
Finalmente sono riusciuto a “ricambiare la visita” e venire a vedere il tuo blog 🙂

Interesting 😉

24 10 2008

Grazie della visita Alberto!
See you soon mate.

1 03 2009
Alex - Microsmeta

Why do you told me that you are not a linux-style-super-geek?? 😉

You are a python programmer, too!

I’m waiting for YOUR tech podcast.

See you soon! Alex

1 03 2009

Thank you Alex, I’m flattered but can’t really call myself a programmer.. I just have fun playing with python code when I have a chance to.

11 03 2009

Excellent pyqt “scribbles” — good blend of narrative / pictures / code.

Any ideas for a scribble / a demo on QTextEdit ?
I have a bit of intro to the basics, just blocks and cursors (avoid QTextFrames !)
up to a 2-step browser for …/PyQt4.api (do you use that ?)
but really need a better example
maybe with thumbnail images ? must be a zillion such

— denis

11 03 2009

@Denis: thanks so much for your kind opinion on my scribbles! I will try to include QTextEdit in my next scribble. Just a disclaimer though: my focus’s not that of covering the advance usages of PyQt coding but rather to show how to use Qt classes to produces a real application. I don’t consider myself neither a PyQt nor a Python guru but I would be happy to fill the gap left open by tutorials and books whose example are sometimes too difficult or abstract with respect to real worl apps.
In my nex installment I plan to speak about Signals&Slot so I could hopefully include QTextEdit in the discussion.

4 09 2009
JK Fowler

Hi there. Noticed that there are a number of connections with District 6 in Cape Town that I had mentioned in my posted paper at as well as a few paragraphs with similar wording in your post. If you consulted my paper, I think that’s fantastic and I am more than happy to share but would you mind just citing the places where you used my wording please?

Thank you so much.

4 09 2009

Hi JK Flower. Your comment made me gulp, literally. It’s not my habit to copy (steal) material from others. I may well take inspiration (how could knowledge spread otherwise?) but never, NEVER, copy. I did my (brief) research for the article on District 9 by reading the official movie material (web sites, press kit, etc..) and from Wikipedia, and I linked to all of them. I must admit that I’ve never landed on your site before today and that’s a pity because it seems that you’re a talented writer and a profound thinker. If you think there are parts of my article that resemble your writings please post them to me by direct messaging me on twitter (you can get my contact directly from my blog). Let me be frank to you and say that I would have appreciated more if you had contacted me in private before publicly allude I had copied&pasted parts of your work. Consider also that my post is a couple of weeks earlier than yours. I also value sharing (I wouldn’t write and evangelize so much about Linux and open source programs otherwise) and I do value negotiation over confrontation, that’s why I decided to link to your work as an interesting resource worth to be read to take a deeper look into this subject.

4 09 2009
JK Fowler

Hi There

Thank you very much for your reply and many apologies for not sending this in private. I actually searched for a way to do that but was unable to find a way. Also, I apologize if it came across as confrontational. That really was not my intent and I completely agree with the concept of sharing information to broaden knowledge in all areas. Perhaps this was just a misunderstanding but know that you have a new blog-follower and hope that you will check mine out occasionally as well.

All the best.

4 09 2009

No offense taken. I am happy that we settle on it. I will surely visit your blog because as I said I see that you’re a talented writer and very far from superficial.
Take care.

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