First African-American president in the U.S.A. history

5 11 2008

One more time the huge book of history records an astonishing fact and, despite what you think of the political man or of his political program, this time is for the good.

What a better way to say “we’ve finished with all the racist stuff” that making it possible for an African-American to be elected president of the United States of America? Yes because despite all the money pouring, the advertisement and tv manipulation, and the natural desire for a change, this Obama success is the product of a radical change in the Americans mind that was just there in the corner awaiting for the chance to come to the light – and Obama gave it that chance.

So look at this glorious victory recorded in Google 2008 Elections Map



The Google 2008 U.S. Election Map

4 11 2008

Google’s for sure not only the top search engine and advertisement guy but it’s also a map pal. With Google Maps and Google Earth you can explore, search and track down a lot of stuff (not only places!).

The 2008 U.S.A. Presidential Election is the event of the year, especially if we consider that should Barack Obama win it would be a milestone in the history of the United States of America. For the first time ever a black man could lead the most influential country in the world.

Well, google set up a page containing all the tools to follow this exciting presidential race and now there’s a new map designed to keep track of the votes leading to the election of the new U.S. president.


Go Obama!!