Help MySQL support engineer save his 2.5 years old son’s life

29 09 2008

The title goes directly to the fact.

The story here’s that the MySql community is raising funds to help one of their support engineer paying the bill for his 2.5 y.o. son operation. Andrii Nikitin’s son Ivan suffers from a serious disease and needs a bone-marrow transplant which cost something like 400.000$. Ukrainian clinics fails the technical resources to carry out such an operation, thus the child must be moved to Israel, Europe or the U.S.

MySql is a relational database management system which claims more than 11 millions of installations and it’s the DB component of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP), one of the most famous web application platform.

MySql is open source and, even if the DB is owned by a for-profit company, lots and lots of companies, amateurs and enthusiasts uses it within the scope of its GNU General Public License. For this reason it makes perfectly sense to me for the community to give something back by helping this poor child winning its challenge for life.

This was just my intention for the night except that the link to the donation page doesn’t seem to work anymore as it always points to a MySql search page.

Anyone knows why?

I really do hope they just dumped the page ’cause they get the amount needed for the donation.

I’ll keep trying…