Bioshock 2 teaser

18 10 2008

Two days ago thewho posted on N4G news section he’s discovered a teaser for the next installment of the 2K award winning videogame Bioshock. He played the PS3 version of the game and found the teaser as an unlocked content. Here below the youtube video showing the teaser.

When I first read an interview to Ken Levine (which claimed he wouldn’t get involved in BS2) some months ago it mentioned that apparently the sequel of the game had to take place in the very moment of the Rapture civil war. In the light of this information the teaser is a bit cryptic. It’s hardly 1.3 minutes long and it shows a young woman (little sister?) standing on beach somewhere on the Atlantic coast. It’s sunset and she faces the ocean as for longing for something lost in the (or below the) horizon. She has what it looks like a plushie of a big daddy in her hand. Suddenly the camera moves backwards from her and piles of sand rise forming structures which remember the buildings of Rapture. Then the logo of Bioshock 2 appears and below it the name Sea of Dreams.  

Other interesting elements are the barnacle encrusted logo, which could indicate that the rusty city of wonders is back, and a flashy blue butterfly which could just be the key to unlock all the concept behind the upcoming installment.

I found the teaser cryptic mainly because the elements it show are a bit in contradiction with the idea of a sequel set during the beginning of the civil war. Maybe it just pictures an introductory scene where a little sister remembers of what her life used to be. Or maybe the rumors of the Bioshock two setting were just a way to throw people off the track. Actually it seems a little bit risky to use the same setting, even if spectacular, for a sequel. I mean, Rapture was just wonderful, but we visited the main areas extensively during the first installment, wouldn’t be a little bit bore-risky to visit again the same places?

My hypothesis is that the game will be set some times after the first installment ended. I would bet that old Rapture will play an important part to it, as the concept behind the city was the very reason behind all the Bioshock world and concept, so it’s just unbelievable they’d dump it.

What’s your opinion?